CANNADEK® Capsules

CANNADEK® Capsules

Active ingredient:

500mg CBD, Broad-spectrum oil with CBD concentration:

50 mg / mL, 25 mg per drop

Other ingredients:

  • Cold- pressed chia
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Flax seed oil
  • Natural terpene profile

Standardized to deliver 250 mg Omega-3 per capsule

In the box:

30 soft gel capsules

CANNADEK® capsule a day keeps the doctor away

CANNADEK® Capsules are soft-gel capsules offer an easy and simple way to benefits of the broad-spectrum CBD extract and essential fatty acids. One box of CANNADEK® contains 750 mg OF CBD in 30 soft-gel capsules. The unique combination of the broad-spectrum, THC-free extract, mixed with a blend of cold-pressed chia, hemp, and flaxseed oils – a naturally rich source of the essential Omega-3. 

Each capsule is standardized to deliver 250 mg Omega-3 and 25 mg CBD. Our Broad-spectrum extract also contains some minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBL, CBC, etc., along with natural flavonoids and terpenes. This quality cannabis compounds potentiates the benefits of CBD, enabling the “entourage effect”.

More About CANNADEK® Capsules



The Broad-spectrum, THC-free cannabinoid oil, is extracted from selected varieties of Cannabis Sativa L. The plants are grown and processed under strict pharmaceutical and production standards. 

With the advanced extraction technology, the oil extract keeps all naturally occurring compounds from the plant. The presence of all those natural elements facilitates the entourage effect potentiating the efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD). 

CANNADEK® has a laboratory-proven quality and efficacy, no toxicity, no irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, and no pyrogenicity, making CANNADEK® completely safe for long-term use.